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Olfactory Experiences




An olfactory experience is a term that refers to a series of events one encounters through the sense of smell. Such experiences may be as spontaneous as transformative first timers, but also as familiar as awakened intense memories that are embedded deep within the mammalian brain.

The olfactory world is one that has long been undermined and underrated since it’s repression in Western epistemology, as suggested in a study conducted by Leiden University’s Anne Nieuwhof. It has been identified that intense, multi-sensory art museum experiences are meaningful and educative. The sense of smell being the most sought after for its exceptional multi-sensory interactions that require thorough reconceptualization as a result of the repression.

Nonetheless, attempts to determine the genesis of olfactory perception, in particular, how the sense of smell is established during early development, how it may change over time and ultimately how thoughts and behaviors…

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