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my trip around the "Born" and the "Gothic"

I moved from Milan to Barcelona one year ago.

I consider myself partially lucky and at the same time unlucky for having the possibility to see and live Barcelona before and after the pandemic.

I chose Barcelona for many reasons, between them for sure the weather, the seaside and the lifestyle that characterize this city.

The word that I would choose to define as broad as possible Barcelona is “DIVERSITY”.

Indeed, I consider Barcelona the most representative city for the word diversity, also thinking about the mix of landscape and morphology that can offer. The mountains, the seaside and the metropoly.

Starting from this concept of “diversity” I decided to focus my attention on the two of the oldest “barrios”, of the citycentre the Born and the Gothic, analyzing the simililarities and the not so evidence differences.

From a topographic point of view the two barrios are divided by one of the biggest streets of Barcelona, that is Via Laietana.

I consider Via Laietana an iconic street of Barcelona as it immaginary connect the seaside with the mountain while dividing the two centric barrios.

These two neighborhoods are considered the most artistic with a particular atmosphere that is unique and characteristic

I started my journey by exploring firstly the Born with my kodak between my hands, because I thought that was the best media to represent the authenticity of these street.

Even tough, the streets were empty and the sky was mostly covered by clouds, I felt the traditional atmosphere, characterized by the pungent smell, the noise, the narrow streets, and the colorful balconies with different nationality flags and clothes hanging to dry on the line.

Only now during this period is possible to observe the real citizens inhabitants from this area, without tourists, living the typical life of the Barrio.

I perceived a bohemian and artistic atmosphere, with random colorful spots and hipster surroundings

I also felt myself a bit artistic while hanging out there.

After having crossed via Laietana I felt the diversity of dimensions between the big venue of Laietana and the small streets I walked before.

I finally reached the Gothic, that I discovered to be more influenced by globalization and international contamination.

I really enjoyed the fact that is always possible to listen some live performing music in the Cathedral square, where there are always multicultural groups of people sitting around. My perspection regarding the architecture style is that is really similar to the born but less authentic, due to a high rated presence of chain of shops.

An other difference is abouth the width of the streets, because I have the sensations that the roads are not so narrow but more open, with more sky views.

In conclusion, those two "barrios" never lost their unique atmosphere that can bring you out of the big city life.

Different flags hanging out a balcony

Via Laietana

Cathedral Square

Narrow streets

"Cacatio" souvenir shop

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Raül Tidor
Raül Tidor
Nov 05, 2020

Here we have a good chance what we discussed on Zoom: how to link 1 story + 1 emotion right from the beginning. If your keyword to define Barcelona is "diversity", your narrative impact will increase if you express that "diversity" from the very first line.

Hence, instead of highlighting the name of the two quarters, why don't youtry to "extract" some elements from those quarters and come out with a headline/title with a "diverse" mood? You will set a whole different tone. And since it's your trip, you could make it funny, bizarre, mysterious, etc. Think about it...


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