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Making a Drone Service Playful

If we could put all the games in the world together, how many games would there be for children and how many games would there be for adults? When we are little we love to play but when we grow up we replace games with work hours or routine tasks.

We all like to play and have fun with everything we do. That’s why as innovative creators we have to integrate games into as many products and services as possible. Life is short and we have to be happy. Who is not happy playing?

Let's recap. Our project is about how to improve the accessibility of everyday products for people living in villages that do not have many services. These villages have no pharmacy, no supermarkets, no post office... When its inhabitants want a product, they have to travel to the nearest large village, a journey that often takes several hours by car.

Ommatidio's value proposition is:

"Use drones to facilitate access to everyday products for people living in remote places so that they can avoid having to travel long distances."

But how can we include gaming in our value proposition?

Since seeing a big drone land to deliver a package is not something you usually see, we thought we could turn the landing into a kind of tourist attraction that people could came to see. To do this we thought of placing a screen in the remote village that indicates where the drone is and when it will deliver the package. In this way, families can come to see the process of delivering a package and thus humanize a little more the drone, a vehicle that comes from the military sector.

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