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Now that the week has started we have our challenge and our client. Learning by Helping has landed us with a misión and it is to create a master of empathy. We started to prioritize that firstly the most important step is to deeply understand the big first concepts , what means empathy ? what means being master in empathy?

Furthermore our first approach to the project, was to understand how exactly Learning by Helping is approaching to this context and why , how and when did they reach empathy as their new coolness estatement.

After learning about the client, we have come across that they have already made approaches to education, such as forming online classes, and being social constructive counselors. So we wanted to learn more about their methodology and their approach to teaching.

This is our constructed interview :

  1. what does empathy means to you ?

  2. what is the project status?

  3. is there something that we should know ?

  4. what is your inspiration towards empathy?

  5. how it is aligned with the vision of the enterprise?

  6. how does your methodology works?

  7. have you already completed something similar?

  8. what were the barriers on projects already made ?

  9. what needs does this project satisfies ?

  10. what are your learning methodologies priorities ?

  11. which is your project management strategie?

  12. which is your segment?

  13. what is your vision and expansion on this project?

  14. what does master means to you ?

  15. which type of master it is?

  16. what is the level of involvement of learning by helping as a client?

  17. what are the resources that we have?

  18. what levels of inclusion hace you consider? it is going to be adapted for example to blind people?

  19. what experiences and resources of learning by helping can we access?

  20. what does implementation and complete proposal of the master entails?

  21. We have looked the dates and brief proposals we have come to a conclusion that for motives of cronogram we may reach until MVP with implementation and next steps alignments is that ok with you ?

And here is what we learned:

- They understand empathy from a professional statement, they want a content that helps the professionals understand how important is to use empathy in our daily life professions and why and where is it that is lacking right now.

- They have already done first stages of validation, in which they confirm that professions usually don't take into account the needs of disabled people and most of non private environments are not adequate nor inclusion is foreseen.

- They want to follow up with a more justified and constructed premise, that is from the teachers and professionals themselves, they also want to make a professional approach (on psychological terms of view ) to empathy as a term, what does it entails, and as such , inclusion.

- They are constructing a pilot and they are more interested in knowing that empathy and inclusion in professional areas is a viable and scalable proyect and as well.

- They are very interested in making an association with enterprises and universities that holds inclusion as they core. As well they mention that they are interested in elisava as entity and possible stakeholder.

- They don't have a general solution there but they are mostly interested in the investigation phase, and on understanding and being able to communicate correctly the term and what does it mean to be entirely inclusive and as well emphatic as a professional.

-They have already several projects that involved kids learning process and students in their habitat so he is going to show us the content on that project to make us understand their learning methodologies.

-They prefer to not be as involved in the project as they are a small team already dealing with over demand , but they will provide sources when needed.

-For them master is a long learning period of time on an specific area. defined as 9 months minimum.

- They understand that we are on a learning process, but they see it as a challenge that they want to be completed, so as an understanding we promised to propose an contre proposition

in terms of project calendar and management.


We as a group reach to the conclusion that we have to validate the terms of empathy ,

so in that end we want to reach a professional in the term and as well confirm with users what means empathy for them, if they are familiar with the term, what is the trigger that enlightens empathy for them and how it is being implemented in their daily lives.

Parallel to the investigation and observation process we have to make our strategy and

tactic actions more clear and create the contra proposal to the client for them to agree.

In conclusion we are exhilarated with this first encounter as the doors has been opened on a wide investigation, Tomy was very enthusiastic and their coolness is contagious, we can not wait to see what we learn next.

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Jorge Rodriguez Nieto
Jorge Rodriguez Nieto
Nov 08, 2020

It would be important to know, what is objective of using empathy as main topic for a masters and how this product may not correspond to what most people understand as a master program and the purpose they follow when opting for such a program. Find out which are the main signals and patterns related to making the decision to take a masters course, or smaller versions of it. You can start with yourselves since you have made that decision not so long ago.

Understanding how education in general and postgraduate and executive programs evolve is important. (application requirements, purpose, objectives, quality of contents, academic effort, scientific and professional level, etc) how deep these programs want to help participants in…


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