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International Pressure Cooker Workshop at the Rotterdam Business School

Next year the Rotterdam Business School will start building new facilities to grow and expand their activities and programs, so during our visit to the the RBS in May, 6 teams of around 10 people each worked during a whole day, Students from MIDI and RBS three Masters programs collaborated on developing ideas and new formats for creating services, models and a new vision of the space for the new school. Many great proposals and insights showed up, ranging from experience based spaces and programs to eco-sustainable buildings with noise determined spaces. The workshop was designed by Marko Korac with the collaboration of Ron Ainsbury and Ricardo Santos from RBS and Daniel Zentgraf from Elisava. The combination of  business  and innovation oriented professionals from both schools created a powerful combination that will be fostered in future programs and further activities together. This Collaboration between both institutions has been possible thanks to the work along the last year of Saulius Buyvis and Jorge Rodriguez professors at both schools. Looking forward for more activities and collaborations here are some pics for the day

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