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Give & take

What happens with old home appliances after they are not in use anymore?

Do customers know (or want to know) where the products end up?

How can they make sure their own fridges are being taken care of, after using them?

Is there a chance to take control of those products before they become trash at all?

During last week we had the chance to go deeper into the topic of recycling, focused on home appliances. We were guided, on one hand, by the customer’s perspective on this growing issue and how people perceive it. The lack of information is evident.

Coming from this, we realized there could be an opportunity for a company like BSH to create a solution and introduce new processes that help solving the issue and allow them to grow as a company by engaging with customers in a new way.

The topic is complicated, but we realized big problems need big solutions.

So our approach to make this happen is a new business model, ‘Give & take’, based on an simple exchange idea: old home appliances from the customer are collected by BSH, processed and recycled efficiently, to be turned into new products (in partnerships) that the customer can again use. This would create a more circular model for the reused materials and would give BSH the control of a new part of the supply chain, where a lot of complex and hidden processes are currently happening.

From D-shapers we are currently working on the details of this concept: how could this be feasible for BSH? What is the best way to implement such a solution? Who exactly would be involved in it and how?

We hope to find out in the next prototyping and co-creation sessions, where we will work together with our potential customers and technical profiles to define the solution in the best possible way.

Not interested in the topic? Sounds boring? Yeah the guys from the following video find it annoying as well:


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