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What surprised us the most was the level of excitement, for example once the blender was on, everyone was cheering and laughing. The team players were very impressed with the functions of the blender. It was an excellent way of showing them how to use the machine. We liked that there were 3 different parts – the memory game, the making of the smoothie, and the guessing of the ingredients.

We had the wonderful Dr. Tine Bech come into our class and do a workshop on Design for Play. Gamification is a process of taking something that already exists and integrating game mechanics into it to motivate participation, engagement and loyalty. Gamification takes the data-driven techniques that game designers use to engage players, and applies them to non-game experiences to motivate actions that add value to your business.It s not about creating something new. It is about amplifying the effect of an existing, core experience by applying the motivational techniques that make games so engaging. When you gamify high-value interactions with customers, employees, and partners, you drive more sales, stronger collaboration, better ROI, deeper loyalty, higher customer satisfaction and more.

Play is a persuasive powerful tool.


She taught us that creating playful interaction is part of a wider change where a range of creative initiatives are creating a culture to…

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