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FORWARD: A vision ahead

Hello! We are Forward, a team of multidisciplinary and creative minds dedicated to understanding a world that is rapidly changing. We pay attention to the little details and interpret the big picture in order to imagine a better future. With our research, we bring you a vision ahead.

Meet our team:

Giulia Rossi

Born in Italy, near Milan, and living in Barcelona for the past year. Graduated in Product Design at IED Milan. Passionate about the world of fashion and architecture, for this reason, she did her thesis about the possible future of fashion retail. An empathic and enthusiastic person, studying this master has been driven by her curiosity and desire to change things and patterns through research and analysis.

Alfredo Mendez

Industrial designer with 6 years of experience in technological projects. With his studio, has won several prices. including: Red Dot Award, A’ Design Award, Premio Nacional de Diseño. His work has been shown in Mexico, Madrid, and Singapore.

Eleni Reynera

Fashion industry professional with 7 years of experience in sales, merchandising, and learning & development. She has also worked on several creative projects as a stylist and content strategist. While most of her experience has been in NYC, she has also worked with brands and organizations in Manila and Barcelona. Her curiosity (in almost everything) has led her to MIDI as she hopes to help industries grow to be more centered around people and their needs.

We look forward to working with you!


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