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First Presentation

we would need to map everything together and try to find connections between the stakeholders, the citizens, and our client’s needs. As well as areas of interest, subjects to improve, in which part of the process of the whole food chain we will focus, and everything we’ll need to have in order for this Hub to work correctly and efficiently. We will need to do more research and find more information (of course) but what makes this methodology useful is actually trying to relate the information all together and we’re missing that.

Hello again! Today we’ll like to talk to you about our first presentation!! Even if it was a few weeks ago, we’ll like to let you know how it went and what we talked about so that you can understand each step we decide to take during the development of the project. 

So, first of all, we had the first meeting with our client the same day we had the first presentation (yes, it was crazy!). This means that preparing all the material we needed for this presentation was still a little bit hard since we were still kind of confused and didn’t know very well what the project was going to be about.

Nevertheless, we explained all of this during the presentation and we discussed all the insights we got from our client in the meeting (which you already have read).

However, we planned things for the first presentation…

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