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First Meeting with PEMB our Client

How might we help PEMB develop a pilot project for the Food Innovation Hub in Barcelona? In order to do this we need to: – Map the stakeholders that would be involved in it (The ones that could fit into Design + Food). – Understand the value exchange between each one of these stakeholders. – Define which topics are the most interesting for these stakeholders.

Our Client

Our client for this semester’s project is PEMB, the Metropolitan Strategic Plan (Plan Estratégico Metropolitano de Barcelona) which is a private non-profit promoted by Barcelona’s City Council. It is formed by the main economic and social agents of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, 36 municipalities, and 300 organizations.

Its main goal is to identify the needs of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona in the medium term, foresee tendencies and forthcoming treats, and propose solutions to tackle the future in the best conditions. It expects to boost economic and social development by promoting participation, enabling consensus, prioritizing decisions and sharing leadership between Barcelona’s public and private sectors.

The Briefing

The first approach we had with our client was with a presentation Oriol Estela showed us where he was explaining PEMB, how it works, and what it expects from this project. He commented that PEMB has already developed a food…

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