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Field Trip to Munich

we can say that the trip was very exciting and helpful for us: we could better understand the context our client is in by comparing it to the culture & lifestyle in Germany; we observed lots of signals, patterns, and trends, related to the retail business; we could generate new ideas regarding our proposal for KM Family and, finally, we really enjoyed this wonderful city.

As a part of our studies, we went on a field trip to Munich, where we visited several universities and learning centers, worked with German students & entrepreneurs, and, of course, explored wonderful boroughs of the Bavarian capital.

1st Day

The first day of our trip started with the journey to one of the most important and sad places in the German history: Dachau concentration camp. Frankly speaking, the visit to the camp was hard and emotionally exhausting but it helped us to understand the context modern germans live in: the kind of people they are, their past, and their willingness to change it to move towards a better future.

2d Day

On the second day of our trip, we went to Google Zukunftswerkstatt Munich (Google Future Workshop), an open space that provides a learning environment and on-site training for both students and professionals in different fields. Our workshop on…

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