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Experienced Tourist

When I first came here, I was very excited, I wanted to visit all the main places, I felt like a tourist. I specifically wanted to visit the Gothic and La Barceloneta. So, I went and walk around those places. A lockdown passed by and I realized that I was still a tourist that I did not know those places for real. So, decided I wanted to go back.

To see all the tiny, crazy, little things like colors, visual textures, creepy dolls, statues even ducks! But also doors and handles that I am obsess with.

To hear all the possible sounds, like kids playing around, street singers playing their songs, skaters on their boards, people talking and construction sites.

To smell all kinds of aromas including church candles, trash, sweat and all types of hydroalcoholic gels.

To feel all the available textures, rough ones, softs ones, granite, concrete, rock, mud, sand and natural fibers.

But most of all to experiment all the sensations that I could not feel. The new reality, the stacked tables and chairs outside various places, a mixture of feelings surrounding emptiness and a calm state.

And now? Well I am still tourist, but a more experienced one.

[The images contain my perspective of the visited places related to the senses, that are located in the center. On the left is El Gótico and on the right La Barceloneta as a map representation]

Buuut there is more to show in relation of the designated activities:

Free Tasting/ Free Recipes

Angela and I went to La Boquería and walked the entire place looking for free samples.

I really love olives so I decided I wanted to try some of them at a local store.

We found a nice lady who was offering them and I tried her favorite ones, Olivas de la Abuela. They were unsurprisingly good, a little spicy, salty and acid. Love them, I ended up buying some!

A whole line

Angela and I decided we wanted to take the L2 line, the purple, due its proximity to the place where we were that day.

Once we were at the station I realized I wanted to see what were the true colors of the purple line by making a scheme of colors in relation with the people's clothing in every single station.

Follow a Stranger

For this activity I followed a raandom person, here some of the photos of the stunt!

I also did a small essay on how I imagined her life.

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Raül Tidor
Raül Tidor
Nov 05, 2020

I really like these collages, with that Big Bang of people, places, objects. A sensorial map, indeed.


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