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Living the cities: This is the way I understand them.

Culture, history, diversity are maybe important parts for me, but the most important ones are evolution and transformation capacities in order to feel their power and spirit and also our skills to be adapted each stage of our life whenever we are living there.

Looking to have an immersion deep Barcelona (and as a local citizen during whole my life) I finally decided to feel the city using my memories, trying to connect both evolutions as a relationship. My home locations have helped me to remember some important details of the past.

Now I live in Sant Antoni de Calonge (Costa Brava, Girona), the town where I’ve enjoyed summertime since I was a child. Of course there’s another relationship behind for 44 years… but now is 24H/365D instead only leisure time and my perspective has changed a little bit:

Now it’s much better!!

For more details please take a look on following PDF.

And live the cities!! Thanks!!

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Robert Altisen
Robert Altisen
Nov 06, 2020

Thanks Raül for your comments and remarks because are really constructive. Of course it was not easy for me to share my own life remembering some details, and sometimes weren’t the happiest ones. Regarding your suggestion to ask my self if main pictures express the emotions related to the keywords: In my opinion the keywords are wrong but not the pictures because are the first memories coming to me at first sight when I remember them in my mind. In that sense I suggest for BCN: My (home) Rollercoaster, and ST. ANTONI: The great escape (not scape, it was a misspelling sorry for my english!!). I think now it works but maybe you have more suggestions or another point of view... if yes,…


Raül Tidor
Raül Tidor
Nov 05, 2020

Wow... the pdf contains an entire life (yours, to be specific). And you have to be brave to share your own life, with highs and lows.

So, here comes my challenge: try to remove every single caption from the main pictures featured here, BCN and SANT ANTONI. Just leave the city name and the main title/headline: The great scape and My home Underground. Ask yourself: do these pictures express the main emotion related to the keywords, "underground" and "scape"?


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