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Design Thinking Week Barcelona 2018

Last week our team explored the various steps of the D-Schools Design Thinking process. It was an immersive week of applying design thinking methodologies along with our assigned design challenges.

The week started off with Challenge Pitches and two main speakers, Katja Tschimmel and Gary Van Broekhoven. As participants, we all formed various groups of teams assigning ourselves to work with individual entrepreneurs, businesses, and agencies . The day was filled with high energy, ready to tackle our specific design business challenges.

Katja opened the session speaking about the Evolution of Design Thinking highlighting the Evolution 6 model creative process. Gary then walked us through industry techniques of field research and the art of interviewing users with his specialised GRAMS process.

Throughout the days of the week we learned about mapping information. Within the empathy phase, we interviewed various groups of people in order to create personas, customer journey map…

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