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Cupra Way: The perfect playlist

Based on the research, we identified various problems and needs of CUPRA customers and fans, among them here are the ones we highlight for the design:

  • One of the most relevant factors for people is feeling / touching / seeing the vehicle, so it is important that the experiences are face-to-face.

  • The term community is very important and there is an opportunity in CUPRA, being a new brand and talking about the Tribe concept, to generate a powerful community that encourages customers to speak well about the brand.

That is why, from the process of co-creation, prototyping and testing with users, we designed our solution: A strategy to generate engagement with the client through experiences that make the CUPRA tribe grow. This strategy includes a series of face-to-face events in which CUPRA clients attend with their Formentor (CUPRA's star model) and can live a unique experience to share with other people with the same interests and feel that buying a CUPRA is not just that. It involves being a part of something bigger.

Also these instances can function as a parallel experience to motor shows, changing the formats of these events, taking advantage of their audience and providing their customers with new experiences that characterize a new and different brand such as CUPRA.

To complement these experiences and respond to the challenge: How might we incorporate playfulness into our project? We decided to incorporate music as part of these experiences so that they are unique for each client, we want to deliver: The Perfect Playlist.

The objective is that during the trip to these experiences (which can be between a 30 min to 3 hours drive), customers enjoy the music they like the most, accessing the playlist on Spotify designed especially for them, in the experience they selected, contemplating their musical tastes.

The music will be selected from the history of attendees at the Primavera Sound Festival, an event sponsored by CUPRA.


Toda la información mostrada forma parte de un proyecto realizado por los alumnos y con fines puramente académicos y sin perjuicio alguno hacia la marca para con los resultados, conclusiones e imagen de marca.


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