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Book of January 2021: Change by Design

Book Author: Tim Brown

How Design Thinking transforms organizations and inspires innovation?

This book will drive you into the power of Design Thinking. Ten chapters of this book will enhance you to decide either to follow linear thinking or to read by mind mapping. Brown describes this book similar to Design Thinking because will provide a "worthwhile insight" and "create meaningful change".

For the founder of IDEO, Design Thinking is more than finding technical solutions. What is this about is giving the next step, designing tools for not-designers and finding solutions with problem-solving practices.

The capability of a designer to become a design thinker goes further than a human-centered mindset. In fact, it requires human sense, but also relies on intuitive skills, functionality, recognize patterns, and other key factors you will find out in detail in this book.

The author recognizes the importance of Design Thinking NOT only for the tech industry or companies looking for new product development. Actually, a design thinker could improve any service by identifying complex problems in an organization.

"Designers, then, have learned to excel at resolving one or another or even all three of these constraints. Design thinkers, by contrast, are learning to navigate between and among them in creative ways. They do so because they have shifted their thinking from problem to project.

Are you a designer or a design thinker? Read this book and let us know what do you think!

Get a complete Design Thinking Experience and be the change you want to see in the world (or in your organization!). Click here to learn more!


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