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Book of February: "The Customer Experience Book"

by Allan Pennington

This book is a tool to understand everything around how your users or customers perceive your business. The content is divided by two parts:

1- Customers experience in business

This section starts wondering about the reason why customer experience your product or service, is this an accident or something design? As your customers are always changing, your customer experiences should be always open to change and dynamic, the author highlights the need to never accept the ‘status quo’.

Then, Pennington approach the concept of ‘customer intelligent’ company and “…Consider how to give practical guidance to those serious about wanting to turn their intuitive belief into real programmes and then to make being customer intelligent an integral part of their business DNA not because it is fashionable or because it feels good to be ‘nice’ to customers, but because it makes sense from a company, an employee and their customers’ point of view”.

To close this first chapter, the author considers essential to consider the value of the emotional customer besides the rational one, and the reactive and the proactive levels of emotions. It’s a complex process to understand the feelings the customer is experiencing but it’s important to evaluate how is this experience been delivered. We need to expects emotions from our customers and build a strategy to create emotional reactions. If we plan based on customer’s emotions, we can expect to have positive outcomes.

2- Customers experience in action.

The second part deeps into your organisation strategy to asses “how companies can undertake a quick assessment of the current state of their customer experience, set targets for where they want to get to and ensure that there is the required alignment within the business both vertically and horizontally”

The author also helps the reader to plan a successful way to improve customer experience and use a customer journey mapping. This section focuses on the hand-on part of the Customer Experience Design. Also, it’s an overview about the assessment and measure of delivering experiences.

Once you finish this journey, you will understand better the answers from your customers and how their behaviour is like... Every month, a new book recommendation... We make innovation your culture!


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