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A New Generation of Innovators

Building an innovation mindset is not an easy task. First people have to realize that to make innovation happen, there are no formulas and on top of that, fight the myth that innovation is only about creativity or technology.

Innovation is about being able to see things from new perspectives.  Having unexpected  points of view and having a flexible, growth mindset as opposed to a fixed binary mindset. So the first thing is to “learn to unlearn”, accept being affected and trusting the processes. Then there is “acquiring consciousness about our current mindset” and accepting the fact that our comfort zone will never generate innovation. Getting used to being questioned, fail, and learning to learn from failure is the key to evolve and start generating innovations.

Our work for the last ten years, has not been the task of teaching a formula to innovate, or teach “innovation” models, methods and tools, that you can execute or deploy as a template. Our work has been to help the participants of our programs transform their mindset into a flexible, creatively confident and business wise innovative mindset. A way of thinking not only “out-of-the-box” but capable of navigating many boxes.

We would like to thank our staff, the trainers, mentors and facilitators for each and every session and workshop, our guest speakers, our administrative coordination team and especially to the companies that worked with us and brought their ideas and challenges to be worked by our teams (KM Family, Doctors without Borders, MyJupiter, Master Plan Impenetrable, Cooperativa Vinícola Gandesa, Vila Viniteca, Artysan, Elisava Alumni Association,  and to our brave entrepreneurs ( Quiver, Furnit, SenzaTea, Manly Basic, Powerful and Salted caramel) who together created amazing projects full of  innovations and new opportunities, but most of all, a brighter future for better businesses and organisations.

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