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A City of Colours

Yesterday, I took a whole line of the Tram T4 from Sant Adría to the Park of Ciutat Vella. In the metaphor way, I definitely did a tour from the Future to the Past.

In the Park of Ciutat Vella, I followed a Homeless lady, but for a while, she knew that I'm recording her and she looked into the camera directly, well I skipped her. Walking around the Park, I heard a sweet sound and found the man who was fluting and wearing a traditional shirt, I was curious where is he from. Unfortunately, I lost him when I was following him at the Metro of Arc de Triomf.

MACBA is an enthusiastic spot for young people, especially skateboarders, I do love this place. Following that, I went around El Raval and Samala is the first thing I smelled there. El Raval is an ancient vibrant area with many people from different classes and cultures, this could be a small town of Middle-East and Asia.

El Poblenou is a creativity Hub in Barcelona, this urban district is completely different compared to others. Unique and Idyllic, there are many workshops, showrooms, galleries, Design Labs, Studio, Institutes, and open space coffee shops. Yesterday, I had a walk with Rabia and Julia along the La Rambla of Poblenou and we had a try with chestnuts, It made us feel good with this weather really!

We were keeping on walking along the Botagell beach and felt not bad, Volleyball is considered an icon of Botagell beach!

In general, Barcelona in my perspective is a city of colours. All areas have different characters, behaviours, architectures, cultures, modern things and old things. Just take one or two stops of the Metro, then you will see the huge differences between them. A perfect combination to make this city more colourful and energetic.

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Raül Tidor
Raül Tidor
Nov 05, 2020

I like the idea of "City of Colours", and I encourage you to dive into that concept, expand it and reach its potential through different medias: footage, photos, graphic design, etc. The metro/subway line colourful map could be a good starting point, for example


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