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7 Keys to Design a Buyer Persona

Do you really take the time to get to know or research about your ideal customer, user, or client? Let's find it out with these seven keys to create a great prospect! A Buyer Persona is a representation of your ideal customer. It is a detailed understanding of what are all the behaviors behind someone who will find value in your products or services. The best way to find out those characteristics of people who could be interested in your brand or find your products as an ideal is by validating your assumptions by customer research.

Gathering as much information as possible will open the doors to verify you are referring to the right audience and will help you avoid wasting time and money talking to people that will never become a customer or appreciate your organization.

Of course, the ideal starting point would be getting to know people's needs to create a Buyer Persona and then, design a product or service that this group of people will find as a clever solution for their problem. But let's be honest, sometimes the problems are not as easy to solve as it seems. Sometimes, people are changing so fast that we keep behind.

This is why is so important to keep updated on the Buyer Persona profiles. We all are constantly changing and in several sales stages. We wish different things and have multiple goals, consume in different ways and this is why it is important to keep developing and understanding your audience constantly.

A Buyer Persona is a complex definition of a customer or prospect for your company. We have found out 7 keys to help you build a strong and accurate profile:

  1. Interview your clients. It is good to have surveys, but it is not enough. It’s important to keep close to your customers by interviews, calls, support, and registering all feedback. People usually love to give opinions, especially about products or services they are related to!

  2. Keep on track of your data. Check out your data to analyze the customer trends and behaviors and build a better prospect.

  3. Use forms to help you sort your audience. A complete form filled by users will help you understand who is your prototype, how big is the company they work at, what are their needs, etc. This will give you a hint about building a clever Persona.

  4. Make your persona visual. Add a photo and all the clever features to feel you are talking to a real person and solve his/her real needs.

  5. Communicate with your team. Every stakeholder needs to understand who is the Buyer Persona. Build a Persona through teamwork will facilitate the dynamics and strengthen customer engagement.

  6. Understand Personas in different stages. Is not the same way to communicate with a current customer already familiarised with the brand as with a prospective client. Is essential to be specific in describing this Persona and his/her language approach.

  7. Use tools to don’t miss out on any detail about your Personas. Remember you can download Canvas, and other free resources in our Key Ingredients section, only for members! Create your account and start cooking innovation!


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