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¿What is Lens-based culture for Cool and The Hunt?

Qualitative Research Method/Lens-based culture

For this activity we began to think about what is a lens-based culture and what is the meaning behind this statement. We are all aware that we currently live in a culture where everything passes through a lens and becomes an image, from social networks, the media, advertising, etc.

So, we started to discuss technology and how it influences this lens-based culture, how an image can be created from scratch without the need of a camera, a subject, or even a photographer. For example, in the world of design, different software are used to help create hyper-real images of an object that doesn't exist, and this can be done also with architecture scenes, people, etc.

For the first part of the activity we used our Miro board to create a visual and comparative representation of what we were thinking.

What we wanted to do was a comparison in two instances:

The first one: taking an object/product that has a significant evolution in design and technology (as we saw in the example of the photographic camera) and see the evolution and generate different categories: the old, the current, the future and the images that speak of design and technology and that were created with these media.

The second comparison we made was to focus on how images can also transmit movement, it is no longer just something static.

The process of taking and creating an image is complex, it consists of several layers that include different components and, most of the time, we are not aware of this.

We can see this in the following graphic, how each of these layers interact with each other and each component has its own characteristics and can act in the process of creating an image, depending on the ideology, the background and the knowledge that one has , the context in which you live, etc.

¿How do we envision the role of Photoresearch in our project?

We are working on a project that involves technology. So, we want to connect the use of technology and products with users and their daily life. We think that with this way, it will help us to have a clear message to share with our client and that is going to be received in the same way.

Team Cool and The Hunt.

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