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Traveling to Amsterdam

This year we have packed our suitcases and flew to Amsterdam. The Dutch capital offers apart from an inspiring environment, many innovation initiatives and people working on new ways to re-think the world and improve standards.

Our first stop was  A-Lab an amazing space motivating the cities best innovator to develop startups and social initiatives. Amsterdam seems to be blooming in new business  models and innovative startups. We also visited other companies and creative spaces dealing with innovation, methodologies and challenges related to service design, innovation projects, and new markets

The MiDI teams pitched their projects to  experts, got feedback and information, tips for solving issues new points of view and a lot of encouragement from amazing entrepreneurs, academics and professionals in town. Thanks a lot to Marieke, Saskia, Peter, Kirsten, Jeroen, Boujke, and the DesignThinkers group Space for sharing.

Thanks to Rodolfo Nevarez for the Images!

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