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Stalkers Mode

Talking about methodologies, we have learn about how to turn on our stalker mode and then we really became professional stalkers! And as people say with great powers come great responsibilities, so of course we had a specific mission through stalking: try to contact and map out as many MIDIs as possible.

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 23.32.56

By doing this we have learn that to be a stalker is not an easy task, so we are also here to share knowledge and our sources with the world.

First, we start with the easiest one which is Facebook. Thanks god (and Zuckerberg) this tool exist nowadays. You shall use and explore all the filter possibilities that facebook offers. In our particular case, we already had a good point in our favor that is a facebook group called “MIDI Global Network” where pretty much almost all the alumni MIDIs meet virtually.

The second tool that was…

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