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Second Presentation (Global Human Research)

In this presentation, we decided to start the warm-up gamification named Kahoot. By giving some of our signals in 7 questions, the players will answer which pattern belongs to by selecting 4 multiple answers. This is the way to interact with people from other projects getting engaged with our research as well as our presentation. Then, we went to explain our trends, personas, their drivers and insights.

This is one of our 7 questions from the game related to Signals and Patterns.


With the results obtained from signals and patterns, we looked for different areas to find our trends, such as institutions, news, reports, regulations, etc. We classified trends as you can see on this map.


Through some of the interviews, user diaries and Google Docs survey, we found some of the specific things and divided into 3 personas (student, young adult and middle-age)

During explaining our personas, game participants could write a random keyword that related to our personas. End of this part of the game we got a word cloud result.


The current unstable situation doesn't imply the possibility to plan for the future and from this data we created Dissatisfied Student. A student that doesn’t have the opportunity to plan the future, passing around 80% of the day inside his room, doing gym, reading books (self-improvement), watching Netflix, playing with the computer or chatting with social media. During that period this persona started to have new needs and adapt to the current situation of Covid.

So, what are the causes of these needs? This Dissatisfied student wants, finding a job, preferably part-time - Build his future - Socialize with his/her friends - self-esteem. For instance, he wants to improve himself doing gym at home - a sense of freedom, therefore have the opportunity to travel freely.

By analyzing job opportunities, remote work is increasing. In the near future, there will be more job stability for those who have to stay at home so international job opportunities for everyone who is looking for well-paid jobs from developed countries.

This is the word-cloud result that we got from the game participants

Young Adults

This is an overloaded working chef. Every shift, she has to carry heavy things, check remaining ingredients, and loads of work have to be done. Especially, the demand for takeaway/delivery service rises sharply during this year. It's more urgent and different compared with "Dine-in", this is because the delivery orders require a limited and fixed time to prepare, and that supposes chefs to prepare foods getting ready before the delivers come.

It's a tough job but why is she keeping on doing that? During the restriction, she was thinking about a fancy life, having more days off. Her motivation is saving a sufficient amount of money for her future, so we think the Driver of this person is finance.

Key Insights: Online foods and delivery platforms are increasing significantly from now, 3-5 years after the pandemic, we believe they will be still potential and necessary for our hustle and bustle life, and it even creates more job aspects for those who are unemployed. Also, in the near future (5-10 years), we suppose people will utilize technology such as IoT or AI to support chefs to handle hard works in an effective way (DO NOT replace them all), and chefs will have the potential to create new values without spending their effort that much.

This is the word-cloud result that we got from the game participants

Working Moms

Do you know anyone like this? We always know that our moms are powerful creatures but this year we realized they are superwomen. They had to organize everything at home, try to find a balance between school, work, daily tasks and take care of the family, cook more, think more, and work more… Well, they really need to take a break.

As you can see in this image their motivations are mostly emotional. Protecting family, stay positive for everyone, the well-being of the family. We focused on realistic and simple solutions in this case. Maybe we couldn't give to this superwomen total freedom and old days now but we can create a space for them and we can help them to solve their tasks by creating some services.

Sometimes they just want to hear one word "good job" (appreciated). We can establish campaigns to make them feel our emotional support. They need to manage the work and study hours. We can create flexible hours for education. They can choose morning, afternoon or evening according to their working shifts. We could survive all together with understanding and helping each other as a community.

This is the word-cloud result that we got from the game participants


Analyzing more user diaries and finding out accurate personas

Implying our photo research methods to this project

Getting new patterns from net hunting

Developing scenarios and strategic visions.

Thank you,


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