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MIDI / MaRDI partners with Medialab Amsterdam in Design Across Cultures

“…A platform for collaboration between multidisciplinary, multicultural design teams, using the undeniable force of cultural differences and similarities as a design strategy to locally solve global issues.” This is how Marco van Hout from Medialab Amsterdam describes Design across Cultures in his blog. And this is why we are very happy to join them starting next semester in a common project for Cisco Systems.

MIDI / MaRDI and MediaLab work in very similar ways but in two very different cities, putting together teams of talented students who solve innovation challenges for big and small companies. One interesting thing is those companies truly believe in the power of collaboration between business and academia.

Both programs are completely international with students from across the world who learn from their cultural differences, exchange experiences and grow together professionally in real world projects. In addition to this MIDI / MaRDI involves a wide variety of age ranges, professional backgrounds and cultural origins that enrich the whole experience of learning beyond the classroom and the projects.

We thank Gijs Gootjes coordinator of the MediaLab for being open and enthusiastic bout this collaboration and Marco for linking both programs. Here some pictures from our recent visit to Medialab Amsterdam where we both shared the output of our projects and enjoyed learning from each other.


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