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First Meeting – March, 14, 2018

Second Meeting – April, 19, 2018


Doctors Without Borders

  1. Manuel

2- Alfonso

Elisava Team : Inq creative

  1. Noelle Roces

  2. Juan Cure Gabriel Montana

  3. Abdul Al Rasheed

  4. Nehir Yenice

  5. Stephany Sanossian


How to promote the learning culture in the upcoming four to five years?

How to connect with the professionals in order exchanging learning tools ?

How to engage the professionals in the field with the process of the methodology to learn?

How to build a MSF community?

How to engage old employees to the platform?

How to keep old-new employees engaged to the organization?


Tembo: This project will create personal learning and development environments with real time access to learning and development.

This project will address the gap in qualified staff and experienced managers by transforming the way MSF’s staff work/learn/develop.

How might we help them to build a…

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