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Originally from Vietnam but now she’s just taking a few years in Barcelona to study and to work. She obtained a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design and has 3 year’s experience in UI Design and Motion Graphics. While Graphics Design is still her goal and she does it on a regular basis, she want to move into the other side of UX.


Simone considers himself a very curious person, eager to learn in order to constantly go beyond his limits. Above all, he is ambitious, has a strong sense of duty and a natural tendency towards organization and programming. His studies have given him a solid foundation in design and, thanks to collaborations with some architectural firms, has consolidated these bases. During his studies he was very passionate about design, in all aspects (UX design, interior design, product design, graphic design, design thinking, etc). He thinks that nowadays innovation in companies will become increasingly important and design thinking will become more and more fundamental. He has taken part in many conferences related to design and design for innovation where he met influential people from all over the world. Their passion for the world of design motivated him thus encouraging him to succeed in specializing in design and innovation. He strongly believes that it will give him the knowledge and professionalism he is looking for.


I graduated from interior design programme. I have been in Italy for 1 year as an Erasmus student at Politecnico di Bari. I studied industrial design and architecture in there. I finished my master degree in Turkey. It was about developing design culture and relations with the design museums. I was a teaching assistant in Turkey. Now I am a product designer at one Turkish design company. We are designing consumer goods. I also worked in a media agency for a year.

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