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Meet-and-greet KFIZ Students!

Distance has nothing on us…This weekly meeting had an extra sweet touch as Mary, GM at KFIZ, surprise the Vujade team by introducing us to the second-year students!

At the beginning of our KFIZ Journey, one of our primaries constraints (the saddest one) was that as a team we are not able to travel to Zambia. However, this didn’t stop us, we spoke with Mary and told her that we wanted to start with our ethnographic research and that our next step after trend mapping within this journey was to explore and understand the KFIZ ecosystem, an ecosystem which is built by the admin personnel, teachers, students and stakeholders… as of now.

However, we wanted to kick start with what we believe is the soul of KFIZ as without them it wouldn’t really exist, can you guess who?!? If you are thinking what we are thinking then yes, the students!

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