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Implementing playfulness into our project

This week we had two long sessions about gamification with Manuel Grassler and Matthias Kogler-Gepp. They wanted us to start thinking in a playful way with our project and even with our lives. The main goals for the session were perceiving play from a different point of view, understanding the importance of playfulness, seeing how to play at work and playing around with our project.

Guys, wanted to remind us that play is the most natural form to acquire and develop new skills and talents, that it prepares us for unpredictable events, shapes our brains and is at the core of innovation. While growing older we forget to just have fun and these sessions truly reminded us about it ;) We had fun looking for the hidden ducks during presentations!

Here are some quotes from the sessions:

  • “Play prepare us for the unforseen - we call life.”

  • “Play is our ability to explore the unknown and experience its possibilities and limitations.”

  • “If the goal of the game becomes more important than playing the game itself, we move away from play towards work.”

  • “Man only plays where he is in the full meaning of the word man, and he is only completely man where he plays.”

  • “Play can also make work more productive and pleasurable.”

  • “The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.”

  • “Almost all creativity involves purposeful play.”

  • “We all are born innovators. In a world where we didn’t know anything, our inner child found a way to shape the world.”

Below you can see our workshop canvases which helped us rethink our project in some aspects:


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