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To come up with a story that involved the city and my experience living here for almost 9 months now, I started to think about how I felt when I first arrive in the city. It was my first time ever traveling to Barcelona and Spain.

The first impression that I have about the city wasn't really good.

I arrive on a Saturday and stayed at a hotel in Poblenou. I wanted to rest a little bit and I took a very long nap. When I woke later in the afternoon I realized that I had nothing to drink or eat. So I went outside to find a supermarket or convenience store to buy some groceries. Everything was closed. So I taught that I could wait until the next morning (Sunday) to eat something. WRONG AGAIN! everything was still closed.

I remember walking and walking and nothing. At this point I was tired and hungry and uncommunicated because I didn't have signal or WIFI on my phone. The view around me was sad, grey and full of constructions site and bad smell. I still remember how I felt, the colors, the views, the people, etc.

So my first thought was: WHAT AM I DOING HERE??

After those first 4 days, everything started to look better and I moved to another place.

That's why chose the word IDEALIZATION as a thought to start digging for a story, because we tend to idealize a lot when we are travelling abroad and for the first time like me.

I live by idealizing everything and everyone. In this case, arriving for the first time in a new country and a new city was no exception. As from Latin America and from immigrant grandparents and great-grandparents, we always have in our mind the idealization of what life in Europe is like.

That's why I decided to come back to this place again, with a different point of view now.

And everything went well, but some things like the smells and noise and some thoughts remain the same.

I decide to create a canvas with the map and start to write as a comparison, my thoughts and feeling then and now.

Thank you for reading!!


(this is a short video resuming my walking around Poblenou)

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Raül Tidor
Raül Tidor
Nov 05, 2020

Expectation vs reality is always a good source for creativity. The "Idealization" concept works perfectly, but at first glance it seems cold, very....I don't know, academic?

I would suggest you to add something else to the title: Idealization + "x", being that "x" like a highlight under a newspaper headline. Maybe something related with your personal experiences over here, f.ex. Give it a try, please!


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