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There was a time in gothic Barcelona, where thousands of superheroesare highly demanded to work for tech giants.

Superheroes are approached by head hunters and scammers, who give them empty promises and keep breaking their trust. They are hiding in schools and groups for talented minds, feeling lost and afraid. Superheroes have so many options but without a clear vision which one to choose from.

They have the hope to finally find the company to trust.

 Among the chaos, there is one company that wants to do things differently by targeting  super talented minds and foster the culture of true talent acquisition.

In those dark times, 4 brave design thinkers emerge. They want to understand the superheroes market and help this company to find the most talented superheroes in gothic Barcelona to join the NetSuite Power League.

These design thinkers are the face of LYNKO,  a company that fulfils intentions:

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