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First meeting with the client

Welcome back to MindBenders blog. After getting to know our team, we are ready to start talking about our client and our project.

Global Human Research mapped during the first month of the COVID19 Pandemic.

How people felt and hacked their lifestyle to carry on with their jobs, personal life businesses and personal / professional goals in 22 countries around the world with a team of 33 researchers in 5 continents.

This initiative intends to help organizations, institutions and companies navigate the pandemic complexity and understand how life and people change so they match their products and services with the new needs of people.

First of all, we started to read the report that our client sent to us where we have had the opportunity to understand the research that has been done by them.

CHALLENGE - What is going on now?

Since the research team gathered more than 500 insights and opinions about the impact of Covid19 in their life a lot of things have happened and changed.

• What does life look like now?

• Which are the new and emerging trends that will globally and locally shape our future after Covid19?

As soon as we received the challenge we were very curious, but at the same time confused. The first meeting with our client, Global Human Research, was MindBender's first opportunity to ask some general questions to some of its members to have a clearer idea of the challenge and what they need from us.

So we prepared some question according to our analysis that we did with the Challenge Identification Canvas:

After reading their report, we had a general understanding about the company and our project in order to come up with valuable questions to ask to the client..

These were our questions to them.

What have we understood?

When they presented that research to the customer (government, social customer, business.) they try to understand what of these cases studies are going to stay.

What is very important when you talk about impact?

What is the value of this change?

To focus on one specific issue about interesting business can be more interesting to understand the triggers and motivations under the change.

About the Geography for us is not a plus is a minus. Because when they did their first research on the first wave they encountered more things in common than diversity, with the human-centred approach you have to dry people from a basic point, basic needs, basic human motivation. You can see how the people in a different part of the world reaction in the same way and the patterns are very common. They found differences in communities like city and suburban but not geographical areas.

Next Steps

  1. We should observe how humans create a solution and act to make their life easier in the second wave.

  2. Understand which drivers and motivation under this behaviour. Where are they come from? What values do they create?

  3. We should make mind map about our key concepts to find their relationship and then decide focus subject for our

  4. The client offers their network to make interviews and we can use our network, our contact for do the same.

Keep following our blog. See you next post.


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Jorge Rodriguez Nieto
Jorge Rodriguez Nieto
05 Kas 2020

Great work guys. We are going in an interesting direction!


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