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Diversity IS the new Normal.

We are DINNO team and we are presenting our photo research process.

Our concept centered on how to show inclusion in the daily lives and in professions. We wanted to show that diversity is the new normal so we narrate the past of too normal and too boring in B&W and our new story in full technicolor. We associate quickly transitions via chromatic.

We want to tell functional diversity on a neutral / optimistic tone, of empowerment that together is achievable. That the more the merrier.

In our process we ourselves tried to be carefull with the tone, uncritical and prejudice. We know how powerful images can be, so we let the story speak of itself.

So we selected daily life actions and professions and contrast the same actions done with someone of the community of functional diversity, to show that it can be done just as normally.

Diversity is the new normal, inclusion is real and IS happening right now.

We have a challenge and its to present inclusión as the new cool, as the new pink. This community is as active as its never been before and is ready to speak , to do and to be. we are their voice and we fall our responsibility to empower and tell how much are they capable of.

The concept was well received and the color analog made the correct impact. We came to the conclusión that we still have a broad of professions and activities to cover, ambassadors, activist. We didn't realize how wide a community it was! we are now searching for hidden talent that is ready to be exposed.

We are the tellers of a new story, let's tell it right!

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Natasha Christia
Natasha Christia
09. Feb. 2021

Hi Dinno team!

Thank you very much for this post. Your presentation in class left me breathless.

You managed to go from a very generic visual board in the first class (which corresponds to a very generic word "empathy") to a very inventive use of images to tell your story -actually a very powerful one!

Smart and simple, through the mere juxtaposition of B&W and colour, you construct a powerful and appealing way of storytelling that reinforces your motto.

A key issue in your photoresearch has been that you selected "professional activity" that is also connected nowadays -more than ever!- with groundbreaking innovation, our actual need for it, but also the fact that many unheard voices are currently being heard…

Gefällt mir

Jorge Rodriguez Nieto
Jorge Rodriguez Nieto
08. Feb. 2021

This is actually a very interesting approach team. Professional diversity goes beyond the idea of simple acceptance or inclusion and explores how disruption, innovation and creativity can come from parallel places, literally "outside the box" of the macronarrative of cretivity as a special gift.

ID can be an amazing source of lateral thinking not only for product design at portolá but at all levels!!

Gefällt mir

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