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After coming up with a framework for this project to work about, we realised that there was more to fashion textile supply chains than we already had knowledge of. There is every phase of the supply chain to be considered before coming up with any sort of solution.

After a tremendous week of gathering signals and figuring out patterns, we managed to dig some further in order to recognise some cycles. Research was done using different mediums for eg: desk research, field research, books, magazines as well as the social media. This research helped us have a better understanding of the textile supply chain, and all of us now had certain insights and comprehension of the subject.

To further make ourselves aware, we listed down the stakeholders involved and sketched a few personas and understood their archetypes.

Below you will find our first project presentation, where we have redefined challenge and collected signals and patterns accordingly.

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Jorge Rodriguez Nieto
Jorge Rodriguez Nieto
Nov 09, 2021

Great conversation and interesting path, looking forward to your field research, new signals and patterns! this topic is very exciting and hope you find the right people and messages out there, Congratulations excellent work!


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