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Barcelona Design Thinking Week 2019 Recap

“Change by Design”, a book by Tim Brown, describes design thinking as taking the mindset of a designer out of the confines of art schools and museums in order to create solutions to numerous problems in the wide network of industries. Applying a holistic methodology in problem solving will further lead to sustainable solutions that take all stakeholders into consideration. The art of designing is not only creating new and enhanced products or services, is about empathy in a human level where the consumer is understood rather than known.

During the fifth edition of Barcelona Design Thinking week held between 11-15 March 2019, we worked with a group of creative like-minded professionals in the area to learn and implement design-thinking into projects.

Throughout said week our team took part in a series of lectures, completed numerous canvases addressed to different problems, rethinking strategies and insights, placing them in post its…

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