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Design Thinkers Group is a global network and open platform to facilitate and inspire conversations between creative thinkers, and to achieve a positive impact on people’s lives, careers and on our ever-changing world. In Barcelona, Spain, designthinkers group has developed LaInnovationKitchen as a training school, network and workspace for innovators to cook ideas.

Carolina Soares

Freelance Designer


"La Innovation Kitchen has made me apply tools in the real world, I have had the opportunity to work with the Ajuntament de Barcelona on a project with great social impact for the elderly..."

Lisa Harpalani

Freelance Designer

Dubai, UAE

"La Innovation Kitchen is a welcoming & multi-functional space. I was able to be a part of various different activities that took place there, from co-facilitating  a large group of students to formal client meetings, simple informal tutorships with my Professors or having a quiet space to work with my team! The abstract nature of innovation is reflected on the space in its most tangible form".

Lynn Zerif

Senior Experiential Designer &

 Design Thinker
New York City, U.S.

"A good education prepares you to ask questions more than it provides you with answers. But education at Elisava MIDI program and La Innovation Kitchen does both. It enables you to paint a picture of the future that does not exist by shifting your mindset from pattern-making to imagination".

Diletta Damiano

Visual Designer


"Above all, La Innovation Kitchen approach taught me how to balance empathy during the project flow.

This experience changed the way I manage the relationship with my client".


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