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info@designthinkers.es |  Travessera de Gràcia 294 - 08025 Barcelona Spain




Design Thinkers Researh Lab

Our DT Research Lab facilitates organizations by quickly responding to changing end-user needs and opportunities in highly complex environments with an integrated approach to design research.

Design Thinkers Network

The DT Network is an open platform to facilitate and inspire conversations between creative thinkers, and to achieve a positive impact on people’s lives, careers and on our ever-changing world.

Design Thinkers ThinkTank

We founded the DesignersDNA Think Tank as a community for innovation professionals interested in using Design Thinking tools and methods within corporate global companies or NGO’s.

Design Thinkers Concept Studio

Our touchpoint design includes: identities, campaigns, publications,websites, illustrations, interior design, packaging, videos, interaction design, logos, infographics, animations.


Jorge Rodriguez, DTG CEO España y Latam

Jorge Rodriguez
Partner CCO España LATAM

Cecilia Rivera, DTG Estrategia Social

Toni Colomer
Consultor Asociado


Daniel Zentgraf, DTG CFO Design Thinkers España

Daniel Zentgraf

Partner CFO España

Carla Montané, DTG España Consultora Cualitativa

Carla Montané
Consultora Cualitativa- Investigación

Daniela Marzavan, DTG Partner España

Daniela Marzavan

Partner España

Marialejandra Garcia, DTG Researcher España

Marialejandra Garcia
Researcher-Diseño  Innovación-Design Thinker

Carla Montané, DTG España Consultora Cualitativa

José Luis Duce

Business Development

Marialejandra Garcia, DTG Researcher España

Sol Fernández
Team Barcelona

Estamos orgullosos de presentar a algunos de los clientes con los que trabajamos


Esto es lo que hacemos, esto es lo que somos. Conoce nuestros clientes y proyectos.

DT ofrece un amplio catálogo de servicios para empresas e instituciones públicas

Una visión más personal de nuestros proyectos, experiencias y opiniones.

Somos una red global de design thinkers.



Travessera de Gràcia 294
08025 Barcelona

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