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Using digital tech to change how your business operates.

Transforming data into concepts and a coherent discourse. This learning experience will provide you and your team with a new mindset focused on delivering value to fulfil the real necessities of your current and potential clients or users, saving resources in advertising and marketing and targeting needs instead of segments. A broad understanding of needs, behaviours and why people have certain approaches and perceptions about the goods or services your organisation provides.


Empower Yourself: Join Our Citizen-Friendly Webinar Series on Digital Rights. A deeper understanding of key digital rights concepts and principles and their relevance to your everyday life.
Awareness of common digital rights threats and challenges and practical strategies for mitigating risks and protecting your digital privacy and security.
Access to user-friendly digital rights tools and resources to empower you to exercise and defend your rights online.
Confidence to navigate the digital world with greater awareness, agency, and resilience, armed with practical tips and knowledge to assert your digital rights effectively.
A sense of solidarity and community with fellow participants and digital rights advocates, united in our commitment to a free, open, and rights-respecting digital future.

Webinar Series

Targeted to achieve communication and storytelling skills based on data analysis, conception and representation of stories. Includes socialisation methods of the data analysis, in different channels and formats, reinforcing, interpretation skills, for the conceptualisation of narratives and public presentations (facilitation of meetings)


Defining communication objectives, audiences, content and outcomes. This learning experience will provide you and your team with communication capacities at different levels upgrading your ability to create and distribute professional or personal stories through content, media and AI resources, story building and narrative styles, visual references and resources, a new approach to your communication practises, a better communication context.


Empower you to master AI concepts and techniques in a fun and supportive environment. Proficiency in key AI concepts, techniques, and algorithms, enabling participants to design, develop, and deploy AI-powered solutions for diverse applications.
Hands-on experience with popular AI tools and technologies, equipping participants with practical skills and confidence to tackle real-world AI projects and challenges.
Insights from industry experts and experienced practitioners on best practices, tips, and strategies for successful AI development and deployment.
Access to a professional network of AI enthusiasts, researchers, practitioners, and industry experts for ongoing learning, collaboration, and career development opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence.

Learning experience

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