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Lead to Innovate

Innovation Leadership

A tablespoon of the course:

After we collaborated with the Institute of Leadership in the UK and the implementation of the Lead to Innovate Forum, we realised the urgency of supporting and training Innovation Leaders in all types of organisations who can contribute to navigating change and often chaos, with a resilience and assertiveness mindset.

This programme helps natural leaders to innovate and innovators to lead through a series of challenges, visits, personal and collective exercises and group reflections, that empower them to create and implement change and innovation within organisations. This is a deeply transformative experience intended for professionals who need to boost their internal power, creativity and innovation potential. Supported by Leadership professionals and Senior leaders in business, government and social enterprise. Guest speakers include inventors, business owners and technologists.


Aimed at: 

Business owners, Entrepreneurs, C-level Executives, Innovators, Managers and Administrators with performance responsibility Intrapreneurs, Boards of directors, Marketing Directors, Sales Directors, Heads of Area, Supervisors and Personnel linked to the Government, Industrial, Commercial or Services, Sales and Marketing  Teams, UX designers and engineers, Social Scientists,  Independent professionals, Entrepreneurs,

Take Away:

​This transformative process will provide you with internal confidence for leading innovation, navigating innovation barriers inside any organisation, implementing innovation management strategies and creating disruptive or incremental innovation programs and teams.

Keywords and related programs:

Human-centred, innovation, disruptive, incremental innovation, value delivery, leadership studies, planning, systems thinking, human-centred management.

Lateral Leadership Collective Leadership, Facilitation and Train the Trainers, Complex Problem Solving

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