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Facilitation and Train the Trainers

A tablespoon of this journey:

Creating installed capacity in organisations is a fundamental activity to strengthen leadership and capitalise on or manage knowledge. Internal trainers are internal leaders who help the organisation or community evolve and guide their peers to a common purpose and success. However, these catalysts need to be trained and empowered in personal and technical skills.  They need to develop confidence, knowledge and most of all the ability to mentor, capture and transfer the special know-how of your organisation. 

Train the trainers is an in-house ongoing growth experience, based on a Continual improvement mindset, pedagogical and leadership ingredients, carefully and specifically designed for each organisation to boost the performance and internal culture of work and collaboration.  Collective knowledge and wisdom are the main capital of any organisation, training your internal trainers and catalysts works towards the sustainability and the future of your organisation.


Aimed at: 

Community Leaders, Mentors, Intrapreneurs, Company Leaders, C-Suites, HR departments, Senior Managers and Administrators responsible for teams and verticals, Product owners, Marketing Directors, Sales Directors, Heads of Area, Supervisors and Personnel linked to the Government, Industrial, Commercial or Services, Sales and Marketing  Teams.

Take Away:


Abilities and skills in the leadership and implementation of strategies and processes. Pedagogical and analytical capacity, instructional skills, public speaking, visual language, social skills and leadership abilities, initiative and problem-solving methods.


Keywords and related programs:

leadership, mentorship, problem-solving, instructional, public speaking, employee engagement, sustainability, collective knowledge, crowdsourcing,

Lateral Leadership Collective Leadership, Lead to Innovate Complex Problem Solving

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