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Visual Thinking and Mindmapping

Program: Service Design, Entrepreneurship, Business Design
Menu: Visual Thinking
Duration: One day, three hours
Level: Basic


A tablespoon of the course:

In this method-applied experience, you will discover: How to transform ideas and concepts into visual languages. And use those tools from technology, arts and artificial intelligence that will express or document processes or any other type of written information. In addition, VT and MM create a system of ideas and a language to tell stories and effectively communicate any message. These systems are structured, planned and visually meaningful.

These sessions have been designed for non-designers to use contemporary tools that allow anyone to express ideas and build visual language systems using technology, sound, film, arts or data.


Aimed to:

Communicators, Journalists, Keynote speakers, Spokespersons, Company Leaders and C suites, Managers and Administrators

"Explore the power of visual thinking and learn how to create effective mind maps with this interactive learning journey."

responsible for communications with teams, Store Managers, Marketing Directors, Sales Directors, Heads of Commercial Area, Supervisors and Personnel linked to the Government and Social Programs, Influencers, UX designers and engineers, Social Scientists and researchers,  Independent professionals, Entrepreneurs,


Take away:

You will achieve a new level of communication and visualisation of ideas both in your mind and your hands, using AI, technology and existing visual resources. You will be able to create documents, images, diagrams and charts that transmit information effectively. You will be able to explain complex ideas in a simple way.


Visual thinking, mind mapping, human, communication, visualisation, synthesis, information flow, data, information management, language. 

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