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Nurturing Intrapreneurial Talent: Online Webinar Series on Intrapreneurship

A tablespoon of the program:

Elevate your organization's innovation capacity and cultivate a culture of intrapreneurship with our comprehensive online webinar series. Tailored for corporate leaders, managers, and aspiring intrapreneurs, this series offers a deep dive into the principles, strategies, and best practices of intrapreneurship, equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to drive impactful change and innovation within their organizations.


Program Highlights:

  • Expert Interviews: Gain insights from interviews with seasoned intrapreneurs, corporate innovators, and industry leaders who share their experiences, challenges, and successes in driving innovation from within established organizations.

  • Case Studies: Explore real-world case studies of successful intrapreneurial ventures and initiatives, analyzing the strategies, processes, and outcomes that contributed to their success.

  • Recommended Readings: Dive into curated readings and resources on intrapreneurship, including articles, books, and research papers, to deepen your understanding of key concepts and frameworks.

  • Interactive Discussions: Engage in interactive discussions and Q&A sessions with fellow participants and industry experts, sharing insights, best practices, and lessons learned in intrapreneurial endeavors.

  • Actionable Insights: Walk away with practical strategies, tools, and techniques for fostering intrapreneurship within your organization, from identifying intrapreneurial talent to implementing and scaling innovative projects and initiatives.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals, intrapreneurs, and corporate innovators in a supportive and collaborative online community, where you can share ideas, seek advice, and build valuable relationships.

Join our online webinar series on intrapreneurship and unlock the potential of intrapreneurial talent to drive innovation and growth within your organization.

Aimed at:


Corporate Leaders and Executives committed to driving innovation and fostering a culture of intrapreneurship within their organizations.

Managers and Team Leaders seeking to empower and support intrapreneurial talent within their teams and departments, Aspiring Intrapreneurs eager to develop their intrapreneurial mindset, skills, and capabilities to drive meaningful change and innovation in their organizations, HR Professionals interested in designing and implementing intrapreneurship programs, initiatives, and policies to nurture talent and foster innovation., Anyone passionate about driving positive change and innovation within established organizations through intrapreneurial approaches and mindset.


Take away:

  • Deepened understanding of the principles, strategies, and best practices of intrapreneurship and its role in driving organizational innovation and growth.

  • Insights from real-world intrapreneurial experiences and case studies, offering practical lessons and inspiration for fostering intrapreneurship within your organization.

  • Enhanced intrapreneurial mindset, skills, and capabilities, including creativity, resilience, adaptability, and risk-taking, to drive impactful change and innovation.

  • Actionable strategies, tools, and techniques for identifying, nurturing, and supporting intrapreneurial talent within your organization.

  • Access to a supportive community of intrapreneurs, corporate innovators, and industry experts for ongoing learning, collaboration, and support on your intrapreneurial journey.

Keywords and related programs:

Intrapreneurship, Corporate Innovation, Change Management, Talent Development, Organizational Culture, Leadership, Collaboration, Networking.

Human Empathy, StartUp Mindset, Team Management, Visual Thinking and Mind-mapping, Learning Experience Designer

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