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Service Design Innovation

Advancing Service Excellence: Seminar Series on Service Design Innovation

A spoonful of the program:

Elevate your organization's service offerings to unprecedented heights with our distinguished seminar series, "Advancing Service Excellence: Service Design Innovation." Tailored for corporate and institutional leaders committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences, this series offers a comprehensive exploration of service design principles and strategies to drive innovation and differentiation in today's competitive landscape.


Key topics explored:

  • Revision into Service Design Innovation: Principles, Processes, and Applications

  • Understanding Customer Needs and Expectations: Leveraging Design Thinking and User Research

  • Mapping New Customer Journeys: Identifying Touchpoints, Pain Points, and Opportunities

  • Implementing User Co-Creation Workshops: Engaging Stakeholders in Collaborative Design Sessions

  • AI Prototyping and Testing: Iterating on Ideas to Ensure Feasibility and Effectiveness

  • Implementing Service Blueprints: Translating Design Concepts into Actionable Plans

  • Measuring and Evaluating Service Design Impact: Key Metrics and Tools for Success

  • Scaling Innovation: Strategies for Embedding Service Design in Organizational Culture and Processes


Dare to advance service excellence through the transformative power of service design innovation, and position your organization as a leader in delivering unparalleled customer experiences.

Aimed at:

C-Suite Executives and Senior Leaders responsible for strategic decision-making and organizational transformation, Customer Experience Directors and Managers dedicated to enhancing service quality and customer satisfaction, Innovation Champions and Change Agents driving cultural shifts and process improvements within their organizations, Operations and Service Delivery Managers seeking to optimize processes and workflows to better serve customers, Professionals in Marketing, Sales, and Product Development interested in leveraging service design to create differentiated offerings

Take Away:


  • Strategic understanding of service design principles and methodologies and their application in organizational contexts and business, Skills to facilitate co-creation workshops and collaborative design sessions, fostering cross-functional collaboration and alignment

  • Experience in prototyping and testing service design concepts to ensure feasibility and desirability

  • Actionable plans and blueprints for implementing and scaling service design innovations within their organizations

  • Knowledge of key metrics and evaluation tools to measure the success and impact of service design initiatives

  • Strategies for embedding service design principles and practices into organizational culture and processes to drive sustainable innovation and excellence

Keywords and related programs:

Service Design Innovation, Customer Experience, Design Thinking, Co-Creation, Prototyping, Implementation, Measurement, Organizational Culture, Strategic

Innovation StartUp Lab Series, Service Design, From Innovation to Evolution, Project-Applied Design Thinking


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