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Project-Applied Design Thinking

A tablespoon of the course:


Unlock the potential of design thinking to drive project success and profitability with our dynamic online workshop series, "Power Your Projects: Project-Applied Design Thinking." Crafted for project managers, teams, and professionals seeking practical tools and strategies to enhance project outcomes, this series offers a hands-on exploration of how design thinking principles can be applied to tackle project challenges and deliver impactful results.


Key topics explored: 

  • Introduction to Project-Applied Design Thinking: Principles, Methods, and Benefits

  • Empathy Mapping, business Empathy and Stakeholder Evaluation: Understanding Project Stakeholders' Needs, Value and Perspectives

  • Defining Project Challenges and Opportunities through a Human-Centered Lens

Service Design Basics_edited.jpg
  • Ideation and Prototyping: Generating Creative Solutions to Project Problems

  • User Testing and Feedback Iteration: Refining Project Solutions for Maximum Impact

  • Integrating Design Thinking into Project Management Processes and Workflows

  • Collaborative Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Techniques for Project Teams

  • Measuring and Evaluating Project Success Using Design Thinking Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Join with your team in unleashing the power of design thinking to elevate your projects and drive tangible business outcomes.


Aimed at:

Project Managers seeking to enhance project outcomes and stakeholder satisfaction through innovative approaches, Project Teams eager to foster collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving skills within their projects, Professionals in Engineering, IT, Marketing, and other fields interested in leveraging design thinking for project success, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners aiming to streamline project processes and drive business growth, Anyone involved in project management and execution looking to gain a competitive edge and deliver exceptional results

Take away:

  • Practical knowledge and skills to apply design thinking principles and methodologies to project challenges to see actual results.

  • Enhanced ability to empathize with project stakeholders and align project goals with their needs and preferences

  • Techniques for ideation, prototyping, and user testing to generate innovative project solutions and iterate for improvement and goal acommplishment.

  • Strategies for integrating design thinking into project management processes and workflows for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness

  • Collaboration and decision-making techniques to foster teamwork and drive project success

  • Measurement and evaluation methods to assess project success and impact using design thinking metrics and KPIs

  • Actionable insights and best practices for leveraging design thinking to power projects and achieve tangible results

  • A network of like-minded professionals and experts for ongoing support, collaboration, and knowledge sharing

Keywords and related programs:

Project Management, Design Thinking, Innovation, Collaboration, Creativity, Problem-Solving, Stakeholder Engagement, Iterative Development, Measurement, Continuous Improvement.

Innovation StartUp Lab Series, Service Design, Service Design Innovation,  From Innovation to Evolution

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