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Data Visualisation and Storytelling for Business Consultants at Price water House PWC by La Innovation Kitchen

Data Visualisation and Storytelling for Business Consultants

Objectives :
Consolidate storytelling tools based on data, visual and text narratives, aimed at optimizing data communication in an efficient and agile way. Make the most of the hidden opportunities of data in the transfer and application of knowledge.

Achieve communication and storytelling skills based on data, conception and visualization of stories, and facilitation of the socialization of data analysis in different supports and formats. Reinforce communication skills, in the conceptualization and visualization of narratives and spoken presentation (facilitation) in meetings.


Provide technical, visual, and narrative tools to PWC consultants in a way that they can make the most of data interpretation, and use simple tools to translate data into stories they can structure and tell in an efficient and professional way.


Step One: Understand

Mapping the needs of consultants and understanding frequent situations they have to face, Co-creation of the program framework, and defining key useful elements



Step Two: Design

Design of interactive work sessions with PWC professionals and guest speakers at three levels. technical, Communicative, and Visual.


Step Three: Execute

Execution of online events and workshops via Zoom, with guest speakers from around the globe, offline sessions, and Asynchronous work.


Value for the project

Creates value at different levels of the organization, and makes data useful and easy to work with. Leaves installed capacity at PWC staff to control their business objectives and processes.



New toolkits, objectives, skills and strategies in the three different layers of execution of the business services at PWC in Madrid

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