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Trendslab Future Mindsets


Join us at #MIDImethod #futuremindsets

From Barcelona and Online at #LIK

hosted by @DTGspain @DTGroupGlobal

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What is TrendsLab?

Since 2013, Design Thinkers Group Spain and LaInnovationKitchen have organised this program in partnership with our MIDI- Method for Research in Design and Innovation. Every edition, we develop an analysis laboratory aimed at identifying and developing trend strategies and strategic futures, using our methodology. 

We have explored in-depth trends such as Retrogression, Deglobalization, Interdependence, Transmutation, and Gentrification that represent both opportunities and risks for companies and governments around the world.


During this week, we provide you with methods and tools for the analysis and projection of trends in future scenarios and support the development of innovative projects in the field of the company. This collaboration is the first of several activities we will carry out during the year with different institutions and centres in Barcelona.

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Future Mindsets and TrendsLab

Trendslab focuses on understanding the FUTURE MINDSETS that will emerge after the COVID19 pandemic and the economic and social crisis it has caused around the world. Our lifestyles and the ways we work and relate as humans and with the environment have been disrupted and technology/digitalisation of many of our daily activities will shape the ways we exchange and participate in society as much as the way future generations will assume life on earth. Clear signals of these FUTURE MINDSETS start showing up in our societies already and during this year´s lab, we will examine in detail where they come from, who leads them and how they influence the masses.

In previous editions of Trendslab, we have focused on analyzing one or more emerging trends to discover how will they affect society, communities, and companies, applying the findings directly to projects and strategies. 


Emerging Trends like Interdependence (2017), Retrogression (2018), Deglobalization (2019),  Gentrification (2019), and Transmutation (2020), have the focus in previous editions of Trendslab, each year we map, analyze and envision how these trends are shaping our lives in the mid and long term future.

We reflect on how in recent years, events like the COVID19 pandemic have shifted, the way we live and think about many aspects of our lives, and how the mindset of future generations will be transformed by the way we are living. Our relationship with other humans, communities, and the planet is being transformed, as much as our values and beliefs. Trendslab will explore it and map those new and emerging mindsets and the reason for other mindsets to decay. We analysed all these during the GLOBAL HUMAN RESEARCH project together with 36 researchers around the globe.


Several questions arise around this exercise: Which are the factors and trends that are transforming and will remain to transform our mindsets? Which are the emerging, dominating, and alternative mindsets in the near future? How society, culture, history, and economy are transformed by new mindsets?


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