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TCU Global Gathering Summit Estoril 2023

The 2023 Global Summit brought together advocates for digital rights and organizations from around the world working on the most urgent issues at the intersection of technology, human rights, and social justice.

This facilitated event gathered managers and community leaders in the field of digital rights to identify both emerging external and internal threats.

Challenge: Summit conception for the sector - addressing the interests, concerns, and important topics for participants in designing activities for Estoril 2023.

Step one: Conduct interviews with activists, community leaders, and relevant managers to gather common ideas and concerns.

Step two: Design workshops with the TCU team to define guidelines for workshops and activities.

Step three: Produce customized materials and dynamics for the proposed activities.

Step four: Produce special content for an event podcast.

Step five: Develop workshops and activities for the Global Summit.

Results: Creation of a global space for collaboration in the digital rights sector, considering the participation of over 200 organizations.

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