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Stakeholders Mapping

The final result of the stakeholder mapping was a complete view of the Jupiter World and a new wave of ideas

What is a stakeholder map? It is a ‘relationship map’ that depicts the ecosystem specifically the relations and interactions surrounding the client. Stakeholder mapping involves identifying, analysing and prioritising the people within a stake in the project’s features and performance. This will help determine project requirements and ultimately lead to managing and communicating with the stakeholders effectively.

Before building the stakeholder map of our client we went through a descriptive review of our challenge:

Our client is Jupiter, a German based company with a history of almost 100 years. Jupiter sells high-quality kitchen appliances which leverage on their brand legacy. The company is currently undergoing a big reconstruction and experiencing a decrease in both sales and human resources.

Our main users are:

Current users: Long life customers or ‘The veterans’ that have been buying the product since the beginning and have maintained the brand legacy by passing the products onto…

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