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Human Centred Business Design

A spoonful of the program:

 In this practical learning experience you will discover: What is HCD? What makes the “human-centred design” approach unique from other problem-solving approaches, What other approaches have you heard about or used in the past?  Types of challenges you think would benefit particularly from the human-centred design process? How is HCD related to Systems Thinking, Behavioural Design and Ecosystems Design? Empathy as the foundation of a human-centred design process. HCD is the center of Behavioural Economics.


Aimed at: 

​Company Executives, Managers and Administrators with responsibility for teams and problem-solving, Department Managers, Marketing Directors, Sales Directors, Heads of Area, Supervisors and Personnel linked to the Government, Industrial, Commercial or Services, Sales and Marketing  Teams, UX designers and engineers, Social Scientists,  Independent professionals, Entrepreneurs,


Take away: 

This learning experience will provide you and your team with a new mindset focused on delivering value to fulfil the real necessities of your current and potential clients or users, saving resources in advertising and marketing and targeting needs instead of segments. A broad understanding of needs, behaviours and why people have certain approaches and perceptions about the goods or services your organisation provides.

Keywords and related programs:

Human-centred, user-centred, human, empathy, value delivery, consumer studies, segmentation, needs, necessities.

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