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Data Visualisation and Analytics

A tablespoon of the program:

Data has value when people can understand it and absorb it. Transforming data into concepts and a coherent discourse that helps organisations and individuals learn and make decisions is key.


Harvesting and processing data is useless if people cannot do anything with it. To improve how data adds value to your professional activity or to your business endeavours, it needs to be transformed into readable and understandable units, visualisations or documents that clarify and transport value. This program provides you with valuable cases, example, experiences and tools to understand the nature of data and how can it be `processed and transformed into understandable products.

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Aimed at: 

Data Scientists, Engineers, Company Executives, IT Managers and Administrators with responsibility for data collection, Department Managers, Marketing Directors, Strategy Directors, Heads of Area, Tech Supervisors, Software developers, Personnel linked to the Government, Industrial, Commercial or Services, UX designers and engineers, Independent professionals, Entrepreneurs,



Take Away:

This learning experience will provide you and your team with a new mindset focused on delivering value to fulfil the real necessities of your current and potential clients or users, saving resources in advertising and marketing and targeting needs instead of segments. A broad understanding of needs, behaviours and why people have certain approaches and perceptions about the goods or services your organisation provides.


Keywords and related programs:

Human-centred, user-centred, human, empathy, value delivery, consumer studies, segmentation, needs, necessities.

Train and Master your AIDeciphering Data,Digital Rights, Data Storytelling.

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