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Saudi Healthcare Innovation Conference Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with La Innovation Kitchen

Saudi Healthcare Innovation Conference Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

With the support of the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia, the new edition of the Healthcare Innovation Arabia Conference was organized.


Our role was to help design the training sessions that would be offered in three main tracks:

1. Leadership

2. Interdisciplinary teams

3. Clinics


From the different levels of medical and administrative staff, several professionals attended the conference to solve specific area challenges.


Create content and various strategies for the event, introducing methods and tools of service design applied to the health sector, providing support to the KFMC innovation group.


Step One: Create

Co-creation of the program framework and establishment of a training program for the KFMC R&D team in Amsterdam.



Step Two: Design

Design of work sessions with KFMC professionals at three levels. In empathy with patient service, in clinical and medical decision making, leadership and strategic management at the administrative level.



Step Three: Execute

Execution of the event in Riyadh, holding parallel seminars for different levels and contents.


Value for the project

Create value at different levels of the organization, adjusting the contributions to the context in which they operate. Leave installed capacity in KFMC staff to control their innovation objectives and processes.



New objectives and innovation strategies in the three different layers of execution of the health services of the KFMC medical complex in Riyadh.

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